Everybody be cool, EHPAD’PANIC !

A training Serious Game for the staff working
in an elderly residential care home

Developed within the project Az@GAME, the Serious Game EHPAD’PANIC is a real distance-learning tool for the staff working in elderly residential care homes.

It enables the player to further his communication skills and a suitable behaviour facing patients affected by Alzheimer’s disease.

In the heart of a virtual residential care home, you are going to embody a (male/female) nurse or nursing auxiliary and you are going to be confronted with complex situations that you will have to solve: taking medication, refusing care, panic attack…

Keep your composure; show diplomacy and craftiness are the key words in this game.

For (male/female) nurses

In a residential care home, the nurse is essential for the smooth running of the institution. His/her tasks are diverse and complex. The job requires being able to react in a correct and calm way when confronted with a difficult and unexpected situation. The (male/female) nurse is part of the managerial staff, the nurse is essential within the organization and bring cares to elderly people welcomed in the institution.

For (male/female) nursing auxiliaries

The nursing auxiliary in a residential care home should be able to identify the basic needs of patients, be also able to assess his health, particularly in case of emergency and apply safety rules during patient transfer. He takes part in preventive and curative care, and to quality of the stay, by being the first and most regular contact between the patient and the institution.

Come on in the heart of a residential care home

Mr Pantel and Ms Leroux are two patients that you will have to follow during a day. This is not an easy task! Although they have a kind heart, they are prone to follow their own will! You have to act as best as you can…

EHPAD’PANIC will enable you to learn to manage crises while keeping your composure. You will have to preserve the resident’s well-being. You will get bonuses according to your competence to react swiftly and efficiently, to the choices you will make your stress and the patient’s.

All along the game, teaching sheets are at your disposal to give you some useful advice and a caregiver can help the player out of some tricky situations. Situations evolve according to choices made and you can start the all adventure again and again in order to train you efficiently in an entertaining way.


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EHPAD’PANIC rewarded with the « Victory for Innovation » from hospital civil service

Every year, the magazine “Acteurs publics” rewards the best initiatives noticed within the three civil services: State civil service, local civil service and hospital civil service.

The prize and Victory winners from “Acteurs Publics” elected by readers and by the editorial staff from the magazine “Acteurs publics” have been revealed on December 4, during the ceremony for the “Victoires des Acteurs publics 2013”. These Victories highlight those who day after day act to serve the public at best.

The Victory for Innovation (Hospital Civil Service) has been awarded to Professor Philippe Robert, in charge of the “Centre Mémoire de Ressources et de Recherche (CM2R)” (Memory Centre for Resources and Research) for the Serious Game EHPAD’PANIC designed and developed within the project Az@GAME.


EHPAD’PANIC will be available on Mac, PC, on browsers and tablets (iOS and Android).

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